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Six Hundred West Main, an upscale residential and retail development in Charlottesville, Virginia, is the brainchild of Ivy and her husband Jeffrey. Six Hundred West Main’s interiors are Ivy’s creative vision. Taking inspiration from the city’s art, culture and music scenes - and her own rebellious personal style - Ivy has infused the building with an integrity and character all its own. Equal parts sophisticated and rock n’ roll, Six Hundred reflects Ivy’s

commitment to delivering elevated, thoughtful design with an edge.A true labor of love, Six Hundred’s interiors reflect Ivy’s commitment to celebrating human connection and pushing the boundaries of design. Whether she’s designing furniture, an apartment, or a mixed-media installation, her work reimagines recognizable materials, bringing them to life in unexpected ways and making space for authentic inspiration.

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Is it a little bit rock and roll? Definitely. But it’s where rock and roll goes to kick back

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