(From left to right)
Top to bottom

Pole 1- Little-bun, Uni, Rainy, Fred, Polly, Gummy, Heads, Smooshie, Snoop, Musty, Lambs, Pup, Hats, Burnie, Specks, Steph, Meg, Bear man/ Pole 2- Creeps, Ghost, Spots, Dips, Keeks, Boots, Pez, Wings, Smilez, Derps, Bean, Kisses, Snuf, Smooch, Taylor, Duds, Lola, Pops, Sleepy, Mush, Tom, Lucy, Mel, Points, Rosie, Spiral, Amber, Barks, Nicky, Bucks/ Pole 3- Teenie, Spikes, Bones, Yellie, Ice, Peep, Bah, Skins, Richie, Lena, Roxy, Doctor, Berry, Nosey I, Nosey II, Floppy, Sniffer, Quacks, Remy, Lanzie, Butter, Bugger, Owlie, Tugs, Tigger, Ellie, Casper, Olaf, Bruno, Ling, Larry, Spookie, (No Name), Meows, Mr. Beardog, Cesar, Bunny/ Pole 4-Super bear, kitty, Moo-moo, Valentine, Wilma, Betty, Tiny, Sunshine, Lovey, Fuzz bear, Strings, Bubbles, Mopsie, Cordel, Peaches, Angel/ Pole 5-Rodger, Peter, Flat, Kitty 2, Cuddle bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Bozo, Ding-ding, Sprinkles, Fuzzy, Cuddles, Mr. Bear, Earie, Mrs. Bear, Scooter, Pinky, Baby Chubs, Racer, Rocky, Trooper, Bun-bun, Patches a, Patches b, Armie/ Pole 6-Ducky, Head, Kitty, Sealy, Clem, Jumps, Mrs. kisses, Buster, Baby bear, Whitey, Fuzzy, Whitey II, Butch, Ted, Mama, Baby Bunny, Teddy, Dave, Leo, Mr. Prince, No stuff, Shelly, Mr. Blank

Mixed Media


H 10’ x W 7’

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