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art for art’s sake


This is where Ivy wanted to see art live (as in the verb) and live (as in the adjective). Art is supposed to be about freedom of spirit and experiences. So that is exactly what Ivy set out to do. After years of working day in and day out in the studio, one project after the next, Ivy decided it was time to enjoy her work and have fun with it, literally WITH IT. Ivy assembled a team of 13 enthusiastic supporters who gathered the colorful totem pole installation from Dylan’s Candy

and hit the streets of NYC running (at times, away from cops). The crusade of art started in the NYC subway, then to a street corner in Time Square, and onward to Columbus Circle. Each spot created an experience for some fortunate New Yorkers (and tourists) that happened to catch her and her work as it traveled about. The short film made about the day is art in and of itself and sure to make you smile.